Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Some of my favorites...

I love these next few paintings. So much so I think I'll cry when I have to say goodbye to them.
This first one was the first I tried by combining your typical brush acrylic painting with an acrylic pour painting technique. Once I found how fun it was my mind went one hundred miles an hour with ideas. I've still got plenty, but I can't keep up!
When I painted "Old Man" I kept singing "Old Man" by Neil Young. I'm singing it now. :)

11x14 "Old Man"

This one makes me laugh because I can't help but think of the selfies girls take of them when they wake up, fix their hair and makeup then take the pic with the caption, "I just woke up like this!" 
This young lady didn't have such luck with her hair!

16x20 "I Just Woke Up Like This"

The idea of Mother Earth parading around in human form has always been racing around in my imagination. I wonder at times what she might say to those who live upon her. Probably not very nice things. This version of Mother Earth wears a robe of oceans upon her shoulders which crashes upon her hair of earth and elements. I love this one!

24x36 "Mother Earth"

How many people out there would love to have color pour down upon them?
Just me?
Well, this is what it might look like...

24x30 "Rain Down On Me"

That's it for today! I hope you all have enjoyed seeing my art and please post a comment and share with your friends!
Take care!
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