Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Colored Pencils

This is a self portrait.  This is my first attempt at colored pencils since high school.  I think I 'll do colored pencils more often!

This is my girls, I combined two different pictures to draw this.

I have more colored pencils, but I'm going to hopefully publish them into a book so I can't share them now.   When my book is published I will let you know :)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pen Stippling (thousands of tiny dots)

Here are my Pen Stippling artwork.  I love doing this kind of work, but it does take quite a bit longer to do.  I can combine colored pencils and pen stippling together, which looks cool.  I've also done one picture in colored pens, but I've given that away like most of my work, I just wish I could have gotten a copy first :)

 This Picture I drew for a friend years ago.  It was done from a photograph, before I gave it to him I went and had it copied, but in my stupidity I left the copy in my portfolio in my car and the heat melted the plastic to it.  So that's why on the left side it looks lighter in spots.  This took me 40 hours to draw and was the first of my artwork I sold. 

This is one I did in High School.  It was my first try with Pen Stippling.

Here is one that was inspired by watching Jane Austen movies.

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Pencil Drawings

These are my pencil drawings.  It is easier for me to use pencil over paints.  Small kids and paint don't go well together. :)  If I am drawing one individual it take between 4 to 6 hours to draw.  The more detailed the picture the longer it will take of course. 

What a cute little boy I have!
if you notice the camera shadow around his face, I didn't want to draw that in.  I wanted it to look more natural. 

This handsome fellow is my cousin, Kirt, and his son, Ethan.  Kirt passed away April 21st 2008.  His wonderful wife has since remarried to a wonderful man Cameron. Cameron's wife, Aaron, passed away about the same time as Kirt. So Tiffany (Kirt's wife) came to me and asked if I could draw Kirt and Ethan, and Aaron and each one of her sons for them for a Christmas gift!  What an honor it has been to draw them.

Aaron and Ben

Aaron and Sam

Aaron and Levi
Thanks Tiffany for giving me this opportunity :)
We love you Kirt and Aaron and miss you :)

My Boys.  One good thing about drawing someone is you can change the picture to be the way you want it to look.  My husband didn't shave the day my good friend took this picture, so I gave him a shave in the drawing.  Doesn't he look better! :)  If you like the photo, then click on the link to the side; Little Gems Photography


This cute little girl is my daughter, I've always loved it when babies wear glasses :)

 This drawing is from a book, I think it's called The Snow Princess.  I love the artwork and the character so much I had to draw her. 

 This is one of my wedding gifts. 

This is a character in a book I recently read.

My oldest little girl!

 This is one I drew in High School.  It's always been one of my favorites.

 Another one of my wedding gifts.

My Christmas gift to my sister-in-law

Here is my tribute to Jane Austen

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Oils and Acrylics.

I only have these two examples because I haven't had the chance to do a lot with paints and I've given most of my work away without taking pictures first. I've learned my lesson. 

 My Great Grandma taught me when I was 13 how to oil paint.  I think that's where I get my talent from.  When I was 14 I painted this with her.  When she passed away I was able to get some of her paint brushes, I now have them in a frame hanging on my wall.

 This was fun to do!  This is done with acrylics and its on a wall.  I taped the wall off and plastered the stone and wood.  Then I painted it to make it look like stone and wood.  I may change the painting in the window.  I haven't decided yet :)  The cracks are not real cracks,  they are painted :)

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