Monday, October 19, 2009

Oils and Acrylics.

I only have these two examples because I haven't had the chance to do a lot with paints and I've given most of my work away without taking pictures first. I've learned my lesson. 

 My Great Grandma taught me when I was 13 how to oil paint.  I think that's where I get my talent from.  When I was 14 I painted this with her.  When she passed away I was able to get some of her paint brushes, I now have them in a frame hanging on my wall.

 This was fun to do!  This is done with acrylics and its on a wall.  I taped the wall off and plastered the stone and wood.  Then I painted it to make it look like stone and wood.  I may change the painting in the window.  I haven't decided yet :)  The cracks are not real cracks,  they are painted :)

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