Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pen Stippling (thousands of tiny dots)

Here are my Pen Stippling artwork.  I love doing this kind of work, but it does take quite a bit longer to do.  I can combine colored pencils and pen stippling together, which looks cool.  I've also done one picture in colored pens, but I've given that away like most of my work, I just wish I could have gotten a copy first :)

 This Picture I drew for a friend years ago.  It was done from a photograph, before I gave it to him I went and had it copied, but in my stupidity I left the copy in my portfolio in my car and the heat melted the plastic to it.  So that's why on the left side it looks lighter in spots.  This took me 40 hours to draw and was the first of my artwork I sold. 

This is one I did in High School.  It was my first try with Pen Stippling.

Here is one that was inspired by watching Jane Austen movies.

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