Thursday, October 4, 2018

New beginnings that scares me silly!

It is time to reawaken this old blog. It is time to get my butt in gear and begin something new and get outside of my comfort zone.
I've put this blog on hold due to the fact that I was needing to focus more on my kids (I began home schooling) and the to tell the truth... and this is sad to say...
I lost my mojo.
My creative mojo took a hike and got lost for over two years. Drawing didn't (and still sort of doesn't) do it for me anymore. I needed something to get the creative juices sweet again.
So here I am now. I've begun a new style of artwork that has brought me back to life! I've been spending a good majority of my afternoons in my workroom painting this new technique and have collected quite a house load of canvases around my home.

I've looked over my creations and decided I needed to share them with others. So this is where my comfort zone explodes and my bubble is popped. Putting my artwork out there for people to see is hard. People can be harsh critics. The worry that only a few friends and my aunts could be the only ones to like and share is real and scary. I'm terrified this won't work! I'm terrified the same 10 people that have liked it on Instagram will be my only support. And the reason I'm so scared is because I'm not doing this to get noticed!

I'm doing this for other people. People in need. People who've been unlucky in health and work.

I desire to help others so much it causes me anxiety. To see someone in need and I don't have enough to give causes me misery.

So this is where I'm beginning. I'm starting an Etsy account (I hope I'm doing it right) and all proceeds of my sales will go toward people of my choosing whom I've identified are in need. I debated letting anyone know why I was selling my art because I hate others knowing that I'm serving because I feel as though I'm tooting my own horn. Horn tooting isn't me. I also am afraid that people will want something for nothing, and nothing, or almost nothing, isn't going to spread very far. I want to share more than 20 bucks! And truth be told 20 bucks on a painting doesn't cover the cost of materials.

This is how things are going to roll here in this old outdated blog. I'm going to start posting some of my artwork from time to time. I might throw in some short videos of me, myself and I doing some of my paintings. And maybe down the road I will start selling some of the fairies I've made. Maybe... Perhaps... Okay, so I'll tell you a little bit about myself that has to do with possibly selling my fairies. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my creative side. Only my creative side, and one look at my messy house you'll know that doesn't extend beyond my creative side. When it comes to molding and making my fairies they have to be absolutely perfect or they don't leave my house. My fairies, according to everyone else who's seen them, are absolutely adorable and perfect. But there's always something I don't like about anything I create. It's true what they say; We are our harshest critics.

If you've read my post this far, I thank you, and I hope you can help me help others by sharing what I'm doing with others. I hate sounding desperate, but I am desperate to help my friends in need. So please share! And when I get more going, share that too! Share everywhere!

I love you all and thanks for reading! :) Now go have a nap!

Christine Walter

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