Wednesday, October 24, 2018


 When I paint I take from life around me and see what I can create. Everything inspires. Sometimes the ideas come from nature, and sometimes from the coolest cartoons ever created!
Avatar! The Last Airbender!!

Water (11x14)

Earth (11x14)

Fire (11x14)

Wind (11x14)

I think Aang would approve, don't you?

Anyway, continuing on... I've painted several that come from fire and water. I think the reason why I love fire and water the most is because of light. Light reflects off water so beautifully it's hypnotizing. And how many of us love staring at a campfire? Light is attractive. Even for bugs. 

"On Fire" 8x10

"Yep it's Blue" 8x10

"It's Warm In Here" 8x10

"Black Ocean" 11x14

"Blue Rain" 11x14

"Fire Starter" 16x20

"Ice Water" 11x14

"Splash" 11x14

"Clear" 18x24

And last but not least...

"Opposites" 12x24

I hope you are enjoying the paintings. Please return and I'll keep posting.

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