Friday, May 10, 2013

What I learn and love

Today was another incredible day--so incredible I feel like my smile is permanent--kinda like I received botox (not that I have any experience with it, ha!).  Yesterday started my greatly anticipated weekend at LDS Storymakers conference.  I had the privilege of being instructed by Traci Abramson (to see her books go to the link below on the right) at boot camp.  My group loved my book and helped me to know what to improve on.  I was able to pick Traci's brain to get the much needed info about FBI and CIA that could make or break my novel.  Now I know what not to write and what to change.
This morning started off with a school reunion of sorts.  I showed up for classes and found several people I went to high school with who all decided to become writers.  I learned from awesome authors about character building, POV, query letters, how to make my story vivid and clear, and what makes a good love story.
I was able to meet and laugh with several authors.  While we ate, I almost knocked a tray from a servers hands that stood behind me.  I really should tone down my hand gestures--but at least everyone at the table was laughing. :) (I really had no idea what was going on behind me).
And the coolest part of the day was the keynote speaker; Anne Perry.  She spoke about writing what you love and helping others through writing.  She also spoke about finding the one thing that you love.  Anne loved the way the light touched the water, which I thought was cool because I have spent countless hours watching the light dance across the waves or a raindrops sliding down the window.  I love the color and light in our world.  So when she mentioned what she loved I pondered on what I love.
I found it.
Before I tell you what it is I have to tell you what happened this morning.
Lately I have been listening to hymns as I drive around town, but this morning I tuned into FM 100 for a change.  The next song came on and I instantly thought of my daughter and started to cry.  The song is one that I have always sung to her.  It's our song.  She is the reason I began this writing path in life so hearing this song while I drove toward a day full of dreams made me smile.
The song; When I See You Smile, by Bad English.
While Anne Perry spoke of finding what you love I realized I knew it this morning.  Of course my family is what I love, but she wasn't talking about who you love, but what you love.
I love the way someones eyes react to a smile.  I love smiles and the light in peoples eyes.  Maybe that's why eyes in my drawings are my favorite.
So, my friends... I pass on Anne Perry's challenge and find what you love. Pin It

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