Friday, May 3, 2013

The latest news

There has been a ton going on over the last month.  All of which is pretty stinkin' amazing.  My good friend that I haven't had the privilege for many years to visit with, booked a plane ticket with me.  Where are we going?
First we will fly to London, spend a few days there, then drive--yes, drive (you read it right)--to a small town called Mildenhall where my ancestors are from.  Then on to York where I'll stay at my first English Bed and Breakfast.  My friend and I will drive to Edinburgh, Scotland, see some castles there, and drive up to Loch Ness.  Do you think Nessy will pose for a picture for me?
After that, we will drive back to Edinburgh and fly back to London, then home.  The part about this whole trip that makes me most nervous is the round-a-bouts.  Maybe I should start practicing driving on the left side of the road a few times before I leave. ;)
Why am I going to the UK?
RESEARCH!  I've got a book I've just started and I need to visit some castles before I can really get into it.  It's a murder mystery set in a castle in England.  The murders happened centuries before and the ghosts still haunt its walls.  Cool huh?!

As for my other news that's just as exciting (possibly even more so)...
I have a publisher looking at my manuscript!  I don't know if anything will come of it, but I can't help but feel I've been guided in all this.  I will keep you all updated on what happens, but it won't be for at least another month before I hear anything back from them.  Just know that since speaking with the publisher I've been doing the happy dance inside my head for the last month.

Next week I will be downloading bucket loads of info at a writer's conference, so I'll let you know what I've learned from it.  I expect it will be quite rewarding. Pin It

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