Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Partying like it's 1820

Julianne Donaldson know's how to throw a party--regency style. ;)
I promised pictures of the book release party and I haven't let you down. I showed up early, like 30 minutes early, so I could have a chance to chat with Julie before all the hustle and bustle. So, lucky little me got some rockin' awesome pictures with just the two of us.

 Doesn't Julie look perfectly stunning in her get up. She's so pretty.

 Here I am, with the beautiful Kate drawing inside the book. It was surreal to think I'm officially a published artist. LOOK! That's my artwork! SWEET!

So, anyway, I'm standing in line, chatting with Sarah Eden and her husband and people start coming up to me and asking if I drew the picture in the book. Then they start asking if I could sign their book. I was like--holy poo! You want me to sign your book? Someone got me a pen and I stood there with my hand holding the pen, wondering what to write. This is how I felt...

There I am, signing books. What did I end up writing? "Keep it real"
You would think because I'm a writer that I would come up with something inspiring and fantastic.
"Keep it real" was all I could think of to say. I'm so awesome.

Poor Julie. Her dainty hand is going to be sore from all those books she had to sign. 

True to her word, Julie had her characters there to take pictures with.

I might have to sew my husband one of these suits. 

It was a fabulous evening and I was thrilled to be apart of it. Thank you Julie, for loving my artwork enough to make it apart of your book.

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