Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Trying to catch up!

Remembering and making the time to post to all my sight/social media pages isn't top on my list of fun things. I'd sure love to just spend my time with family and paint. And paint some more. But, I must share! Right! Plus it wouldn't help my goal any if I didn't. So, I'm basically going to throw-up all over this page with pics of all my artwork I haven't yet posted. It might take more than one post. We'll see. I may also have shared some of these on here, but I'm too lazy to go check :) 
Also, if you can't find some of these on my Etsy page (my etsy page is ChristineWalterArt) it's because I have them displayed and for sale in other places. Email me if you have questions!

Here we go...
Trio of Waves 3- 12x24

Astraea 24x48
This is one is big, so...

Here's a close up...
(I just love her eyes!)

Fire and Water 12x36

Drizzle 16x20

Shower 16x20 

 Noah and the Rainbow 16x20

Nicodemus 16x20

Octopus 16x20

Serene 16x20

The Rock 16x20

To One Side 16x20

From the East 16x20

Candy Cane 18x24

Merry and Bright 18x24

Effervescent 24x30

Free to Dance 24x36

Vivid 24x36

Toes in the Water 24x36

Blossoms 30x40

Astronomer's Love 11x14

They Say It's a Butterfly 11x14

Tropical 11x14

A Covenant 16x20

Alone to Ponder 16x20

Drift 16x20

Inevitable 16x20

Hair in the Wind 16x20

Made You Look 16x20

Nebula Fairy 16x20

There we go for now. That's all I've got time for. I have more, but that will have to be another post on another day. If you're interested in any of these works of art email me. ALL PROCEEDS OF MY SALES GO TO HELP FAMILIES IN NEED, so please help me help others!
As always, thanks for looking!

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