Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Camera... roll... ACTION!

If you've been following me on facebook you'd know all about my newest adventures being on a movie set. Not only was I a fly on the wall, but my artwork was as well! An actor who portrayed an artist took some short lessons from me then he pretended to draw my picture while they filmed him. For those who don't know about the movie it's called 8 Stories (a film by Triad Media and Entertainment). Author, Stephanie Fowers, co-directs with Sandra Barton, and Jacqueline Fowers is the Director of photography. To follow progress on the film, click here.
I promised those on facebook that I would post pictures, but I didn't want to do that until I finished the drawing that was used in the movie. Now I have and I'm ready to share it with you wonderful people.

This is Ben Jarvis who plays the artist Ethan. Ethan has a crush on a dancer named Grace (Elizabeth Montgomery) and draws her in the film. He took a crash course from me on how to draw lips. We were both nervous about this little endeavor--he didn't want to mess up my drawing and I didn't want him to! Ha ha!
But I have to add how impressed I was of his skills. I think if the acting career didn't work out for him (there's no reason it wouldn't) he could become an artist.

Here's Ben showing off his new found drawing skills.

Stephanie Fowers and Ben going over the script. --Yes! They really do that! ;)

The artist's room. See my art! Mikey Brooks' art is there as well. Do you see my horse laughing at us?

Another view of our work.

You may ask, "Why is there sheets and blankets hanging from the ceiling fan?"
Well, it's to help with the sound of course! Otherwise the sound would be off.
It's ingenious.

Everyone crams into this tiny room to film Ben pretending to have a phone conversation while he draws lips then packs his books into a bag. No pressure, Ben!
Mike, the boom mike guy, (yes, his name is Mike) says that he can hear all kinds of things I couldn't, so I hardly breathed or moved while they filmed.

Here he is, getting into his character.

Awhh, I'm so proud. He did so great!

For kicks I asked if I could have my picture taken in the soon to be famous elevator.
All the junk at my feet is their props. After a few minutes the elevator was going nowhere, so I bailed. I could never imagine being stuck in such a tiny space with seven other people! Claustrophobia!

So, who wants to see the drawing of Elizabeth, the actress who play Grace, the dancer?
Well, okay. Here you go...

The scan they sent me didn't turn out as fantastic as I would have liked, but the prints turned out better.

I hope you enjoyed your visit! Please come again and leave a comment!

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