Monday, September 22, 2014

Calling all writers!

It's contest time!
First of all, thank you for those who've stopped by to check out my very first contest on this fabulous blog! For those who'd like to participate, here are the details . . .

Below are different drawings of people. Pick at least one drawing (you can pick as many characters as you'd like) and write a short story based on that drawing. The story needs to be no more than 3,000 words. Keep the content of your writing clean (No sexual content or foul language). It should go without saying, but no plagiarizing allowed. Only one short story per person.
Fellow writing friends and avid readers will judge the short stories based on entertainment, characterization and if it's well written. Any genre is welcome.
I will post the top 3 winner's stories on my blog giving others a chance to vote on their favorite.
The Prize?
The favorite will win either a large (11x14) or two small (5x7) pencil drawing(s) of one of their own characters from your own original works for you to gawk at (a value of up to $200). (Sorry for the more free spirited folks, I will not draw nude images). The prize does not include the images below.
Rest assured that I will not use the drawings of your characters in any of my own novels/stories. I will only post the drawings here on my blog and in my personal portfolio. The original drawing will be yours to keep. I will mail it to you.

This will all be done anonymously by emailing your story, title and name to then Jared will pass on your story only (leaving out your name) to my email where I will divvy them out to be judged.
This is for US participants only. (Sorry Canada).
In the body of your email please include your name and title of your story. Attach your word document to the email, leaving out your name on any part of the document. Please add a header with your title. If a name is left on the document it will be disqualified.
The deadline for your entries will close October 10th at midnight.
I will have to put a limit to how many I can read through, so only the first 25 stories will be entered. I will post the winners as quickly as I can. Hopefully I'll be though by the end of October so I can participate in NANOWRIMO.
If things go well and we get a lot of participants then I will do this again. :)
Please share this blog with others and I'll love for you to follow me.

Here are the characters to choose from . . .

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