Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Newsletter

This is for all the fans of Downton Abbey . . .
I debated whether to share my family's newsletter on my blog, but I talked myself into it by removing some of the personal information in it. Once you read it you'll understand why I couldn't not share it. It's fabulous!
Keep in mind though that I wrote this in Microsoft Word, so coping and pasting it here might mess the formatting up, but I'm not about to spend time rewriting, so we all have to live with it.
It's written to look like the Downton Abbey recap. Just so ya know.

Walter Abbey Recap: Seasons of Changes
Walter Abbey has weathered the past year rather successfully. Lord and Lady Walter’s children are still living, but only just. The beginning of the year proved difficult with colds and illnesses abound, fortunately they’ve pulled through the never ending sickness and increased their health with improved diets. Much of the episodes are spent at dinner parties with their friends, Lord and Lady Belnap and their children. Hardly a weekend goes by where they aren’t conversing and strolling about, enjoying each other’s company.
Earl of ______ (otherwise known as Lord Walter) has been seen abroad the western states more often than not—to the dissatisfaction of his wife and children. He finds traveling life dreary and unfulfilling, but he passes the time with visits to the nearest LDS Temple, giving him a chance to push the weary life of Sales Engineer at Dell Computers aside and let in the peace it provides. When home, he puts the house to rights, giving his wife a breather of managing the estate and children. He gives his calling as Elders Quorum in the local church his all, visiting those he’s inspired to see and helping those in need of relocating. Saturdays he’s seen in the garden, pondering on why the year didn’t produce the results he’d hoped and worked for.
Lady Walter has experienced all the drama of the year, the better part if it turning out glorious. Who dared missed the episode of her nearly dying of a stroke when she unknowingly spoke with a publisher then being asked to send said publisher one of her manuscripts. The episode turned out well enough with the publisher showing interest and waiting for Lady Walter to polish it up and send it back. We have high hopes that it will prove rewarding in the end.
In congruent with the last episode she agreed to have one of her portraits published in Lady Julianne Donaldson’s “Blackmoore” Novel that can be purchased online or at any bookstore near you. Since then she’s worked on book covers and other artwork for friends and authors.
Lord Walter wasn’t the only one at Walter Abby to have traveled this past season. Last June Lady Walter traipsed across the UK, giving the countryside a better look, in hopes to improve upon her writing and experience the grandeur England and Scotland had to offer. Her heart grew heavy at the end when she didn’t get the visit from Nessy like she anticipated. One day she hopes to return to Loch Ness with her husband at her side and get that visit she’d dreamed of.
When Lord Walter’s traveling on business Lady Walter is seen at writer’s groups and conferences, rubbing shoulders with fellow writers, but more often than not she inhabits the study, writing like a mad woman.
Lady _____ Walter has proved herself stubborn enough to lend her hand in the kitchen, against her mother’s wishes. She thinks being a daughter of an Earl gives her leeway in doing what she wants. Her mother outwardly disagrees with Ladies working in the kitchen and doing servants work, but don’t let Lady Walter fool you, inwardly she’s thrilled for her daughter to learn a few things and show interests that will bring her happiness. Last season Lady _____ passed the marked age for all girls going into the Young Woman’s program. Lady ______ has embraced personal progress, dance classes, karate, and extra activities at school, giving the science class her all. In resent episodes she’s been known to pester her siblings, but in the end entertains them to keep them occupied.
Lady _____ Walter gives joy to her parents with her humorous wit and positive attitude. Earlier this season she began to improve upon her studies to be a lady by taking dance classes, hoping to catch up to ______ grace and talents. She has shown the masses how capable she can be in first grade, and loves befriending everyone.
Lord _____ Walter, heir of _____ proves he’s fit to take over the estate. He follows his father about, helping with improvements or projects on the house or in the garden. He spends most the season playing with the family pet, Sir. Chewbacca, and keeping the dirt pile out back covered in monster truck tracks.

For those looking to keep up on all the seasons and episodes of Walter Abbey, visit for the upcoming 16th season where questions of future events will be answered. There you can enjoy the gallery of artwork Lady Walter has to offer.
Those who reside at ______ Estate would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the upcoming year.

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