Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Yes I've known this bit of news for a few weeks, but I have a somewhat good excuse why I haven't shared.
I was scared.
I wished and prayed that this event in my life could come true and it worried me that I was only dreaming. What if it's not real? What if they take this awesomeness away from me?
Well, I decided that I needed to shared regardless of my fears. So...
One of my drawings is going to be published in a real live novel!
I've dreamed of this since the day I realized I wanted to be an artist (from the tender age of 9). It's coming true in September. Julianne Donaldson, a very talented author, will have my drawing of Kate (her main character) in her next book called Blackmoore. Click on the link to read about Julie and her books. Hopefully you'll pick up a copy in Sept and see the beautiful Kate smiling back at you.

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Jenni Elyse said...

I love the picture of Kate. You're very talented. Did you use someone as inspiration for the picture? She seems so familiar? I googled your name, by the way, because I wanted to know more about the picture.

Jenni Elyse said...

I just realized who your drawing reminds me of. It's Carey Mulligan. And, I saw the picture that I'm pretty sure inspired the drawing.

JaredChristineWalter said...

Jenni, I'm glad you liked it! I'm happy you found the right Christine Walter. From what I've seen there are a few artist with my name (there's even someone on death row--eek!).

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