Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It would have to be Peter Pan that got me dreaming of fairies, mostly wishing I could be one. Just think of the endless possibilities one could create with fairies. In my mind most fairies are fickle and malicious, but flatter one enough and they might do a kind deed. There are all kinds of fairy drawings and paintings out there, so I figured I'd add to them. Might as well, right?
Both of these drawings are done in color pencil. Very little touch up was done in Photoshop beyond brightening up. The first one I drew the background separate from the fairy. I drew her body and wings then layered them over the background in Photoshop. I change my mind often enough that I didn't want her added in permanently.
The second drawing is what happens when you pick the raspberries too early. :)

I hope I've inspired you, or at least you've enjoyed looking. 
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