Thursday, May 15, 2014

I left her hanging...

For nearly a week I've left my character screaming.
18 year old, Booke, was pulled into a van. Bullets popped all around her, muffling her screams and shouts to her loved ones. The moment the van jerks forward into a hasty get away she crawls to the back of the empty utility van with just enough time to take in what they had left behind in their brutal assault. Her last glimpse; her big protective brother lying motionless on the ground.

There I stopped writing. There I left her for a few days.
It was a cruel thing to do, I'll admit. I hate leaving my character's hanging, but in all honesty, she needed it.
She now needs the time to cry and hurt before she can speak to me again. I already know what will come of her. I already know what her next words will be, but I need to wait until she finds her voice again.

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