Friday, March 14, 2014

The Right Way to Read the Nutritional Information

It has come to my attention that many people out there don't know how to read the nutritional information on a package. I found this out when I would walk the isles of Costco and pause to get a sample of food. I would ask to see the nutritional information and ask if they knew if it had sugar in it. Before handing it over they would look themselves and answer, "Yes, it does." Then they would hand it over. I would then look at the ingredients and find no sugar listed.
It confused me until I realized that they hadn't look in the right spot.
I'll explain...
Below the nutritional info is the list of ingredients. This is where you want to look. Above is the percentage of sodium, calories, and other things they measure. Most foods we eat have natural sugars in them. The natural sugars are measured and added to the percentage list. This doesn't mean there is any added sugars in the food. If sugar is listed in the ingredients then yes, there is added sugar in the food.
 In the yellow you will see that raisins have 29 grams of sugar per serving, but this is not added sugar. Below in the red you will see the list of ingredients. The only item is organic raisins. No sugar.
So, next time you check the package for added sugar, don't look in the top portion, look in the list of ingredients. There you will know for sure what your getting... at least what we think we're getting.

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