Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inspiring Sisters

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I received and awesome idea for a new book that wouldn't leave me alone. The character needed to have her story told and wouldn't stop poking every part of my brain until I listened. In almost two weeks I've written 40,000 words and become sleep deprived. My poor children, all those frozen burrito they've consumed. Honestly they would have consumed them anyway, whether I wrote or not. I hate cooking when my husband travels for business.

I managed to peel myself from writing long enough to attend Sarah Eden's book release party for "Longing for Home". My favorite part of the entire evening would most definitely be her speech. What an inspiring woman. Her story of the Irish is so uplifting and beautiful that one can't help but breathe it all in and beg for more.
When I began writing, Sarah's work inspired me and helped me learn the craft of writing. I had the opportunity to chat with her and thank her, but I wish there was a better way to express my gratitude.
Not only was Sarah an inspiration, but many more writers have taught me to push myself to a higher degree. Traci Abramson, Tristi Pinkston, Anne Perry and Josi Kilpack to name only a few. Many more inspiring women were there at the release party and I was fortunate to share delightful conversations with each one.
So, I'd like to take a moment to thank these strong, intelligent, uplifting women I've grown to love. Thank you sisters. YOU ROCK!
Left to Right: Crystal Liechty-author/editor, Michele Paige Holmes-Author, Julie Donaldson-Author (look for my artwork in her next book called Blackmoore), Annette Lyon-Author, overly enthusiastic Me, (down in front) my dear friend Lynnette Taylor, and last but by no means least, Sarah Eden-Author.
If you don't know who these women are, pull yourself out of the rock you live under and go look them up. Writing in all the books they've written would take up most this post, so please, look them up.
It's kind of funny when I look at this picture, each one of these ladies has taught me something, but the one who taught me most is the only one who isn't an author. Lynnette, you've been the most inspiring. She's an avid reader (When I say avid reader I mean she reads 5 to 7 books in a week) and she's incredibly smart, so I go to her for help and she always delivers. I call her my muse.
When I returned home that night I prayed for each one of these divine ladies and will continue to hold a prayer in my heart. Despite all your struggles in life, you've pushed through, spreading smiles as you went.
Thanks for the smiles you've given me.

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