Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Drawings of Edenbrooke

So a while back I drew some characters from a great book I read called Edenbrooke, by Julianne Donaldson.  I sent the drawings to her via email and she loved them!  Knowing how much a drawing of a character can inspire the mind, I decided to draw some more for her.  It was great fun and it helped me to practice more in perfecting my technique.
After many months I've remembered and found some time to post the drawings.  I've drawn a few more for her, but they are characters from her upcoming book called Blackmoore, and because she hasn't released the book yet, I don't want to take her thunder and reveal any characters from it.
You can read about the characters below in Edenbrooke (I know you will enjoy it).
Note: these are interpretations of what I think the characters look like, not the author.


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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Christine your art work is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!

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